Monday, October 17, 2011

Welcome to Stormreach

Known as the "City of Dungeons", Stormreach is a vibrant city nestled amidst the Searing Heights and Cerulean Hills on the shores of Xen'Drik. Stormreach received this nickname after having been built upon an ancient giantish city. The name is even more appropriate given the high amount of ruins, long-lost civilizations and other points of interest which bring so much glorious flavor and commerce to the city.

Stormreach is home to several important institutions, including enclaves for each of the Dragonmarked Houses as well as the Tower of the Twelve, home to a powerful group of wizards. The city is also host to a grand Festivult and the Risia Ice Games which includes the famous Harbor Ski Jump. Other landmarks include the Remembrance Plaza which servers as a memorial for the brave heroes who saved Stormreach from a devil invasion not long ago.

But don't worry, Stormreach is now quite safe. The Twelve, as well as the Dragonmarked Houses have come together under the gracious watch of the Coin Lords to ensure the safety of every citizen within the walled city. Adventurers come everyday by way of boat and airship to this land of opportunity and we are glad to welcome you to our home.

While you are here you may want to check in with our city greeter Mari Mosshand in front of The Leaky Dinghy who will greet you with free gem and collectables bags, and don't forget to meet one with a member of the fabricators, such as Felix D'Cannith at the Harbor entrance to the Marketplace--for a free tiny ingredients bag. If that isn't enough space for you the Twelve are kindly enough to supply all newcomers with a small ingredients bag at no charge, just another example of the grace and generosity our city has to offer.

Welcome to Stormreach, we hope you'll make our home your own.

--Scribe for the Coin Lords

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  1. oh, a good thing to remind people of. do NOT go purchase a small ingredients bag, and then ask for one from The Twelve patron. You'll get a message saying you already have one, and even if you store the one you bought, or throw it back up on the Auction House, the patron will not give you the option for the free bag anymore. Learn from my stupid mistakes :P