Saturday, October 22, 2011

Things I Hate About Update 11 Patch 1

(Thank you to a reader who let me know this didn't go out like it was supposed too, sorry for the lateness of the post people)

So, you may remember me talking about the things I liked about the new patch for Update 11, however, there were some things I disliked as well.

Artificers and their Iron Defenders

"What? But you liked this Francis!" Well, not everything. I don't know if you've played an artificer both before and after the patch, but my little dog Rusty has gone full on retard since the patch went live. Sometimes he just sits their letting the enemy wail on him and not attacking back...and yes, he is in attack mode. Thank god the little guy has an insane armor class (I can't remember exactly...think it is in the low thirties at level 6...before buffing) otherwise he'd just be dead weight. Also, I suppose it could be worse, Rusty still uses Intimidate, so at least he's taking aggro off of me. Still, I hope this gets fixed soon because I'm sick of having to "jumpstart" my Iron Defender by clicking the "Follow" button. That will wake him up for all of about thirty seconds before he goes full on retard again.


I know I know, this is silly of me, but they made it harder for monsters to get stuck in non-attacking mode. Why does this matter to me? Because sometimes I was able to sneak up on those suckers and take pictures of them before they grew lethal. It was really nice watching a wolf take a bath at the lake in Cerulean Hills for instance...wait, no that sounds wrong...


What? No more automatic reload if you've been out of combat? Oh come on, sometimes I forget whether my last click of the attack button was a reload or not, so now I run blindly into combat, reloading animation time.


Hirelings now follow you closer than ever before. I can hear you people out there already "But Francis, that's a good thing, now they won't get stuck as often." That may be audience, although I doubt it. Give a sweettooth some candy, even if you give it a new wrapper and that sweettooth will still eat it. Likewise AI gets stuck, that's the way it is. So why do I hate this? Well people, because I play casters sometimes too. I like my defendery hirelings to get in between me and the enemies, and now they just don't create enough of a distance between me and my foes. I aggro them, they run past my hireling and right to me. I used to have enough time to finish them off before that, but no more.

Want to see all the changes that were made with the update? Click here to view the release notes.

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