Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Neverwinter: Something is a Mask Here

Well, as you may remember from the post on the October Update there are new items and new quests to be played in Heroes of Neverwinter. Problem is, there aren't many days of October left. Hence I suggest you go out and finish these adventures and reap the rewards before they possibly go missing:

Bones, Thugs, and Sorcery

This cool little adventure which takes place in Neverdeath contains has you facing off against the Pretty Faces gang as they steal corpses for Thayan necromancers. The Pretty Faces gang is a rough and tumble group of humans who wear various masks to cover their identity. Each one of these masks can be gotten as a reward for completing the adventure. Each mask gives a +3 to damage against the opponents it represents and they are as follows: Kobold Mask, Ogre Mask, and Zombie Mask.

Trick or Trap

Looking into your one lead from Bones, Thugs, and Sorcery finds you in the Illefarn Woods at the underground lab of the mysterious "Jack". As his voice telepathically welcomes you to his home and gives you insights into each room it doesn't take long to discover this madman is using you to collect data on his creations. Slay him for a chance at the Pumpkin Mask for a +1 to AC and +1 to Max HP.

Monster Mash

Taking the mysterious papers you found in Jack's lab back to Doomguide Volahk to be deciphered earns you the location of The Menagerie, a strange zoo where Thayan wizards are experimenting on various creatures to enhance them with necrotic powers. After clearing it out you can earn the Trick or Treat ring which gives clerics and wizards a +2 to spell damage as long as they are at full health.

Hurry and get these items now just in case they disappear at the end of the month.

Added After Publication: I found out after the fact that there is also a ring in Monster Mash if you are a rogue or fighter called the "Full Moon Ring" which does the same thing as the Trick or Treat ring, but for weapon damage.

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