Friday, November 11, 2011

Spelling it Out: The Ranger and Paladin

Who doesn't love that line?

Last time we did a Spelling it Out we took a look at the Wizard. When you think spells, you can’t go wrong thinking wizard, but these versatile casters don’t have a monopoly on the Art and so today we’re going to be taking a look at combos for the oft overlooked Ranger and Paladin

For the Ranger:
The Scout
Spells Involved: Camouflage, Jump, Longstrider, Wild Instincts

A ranger is well suited to the position of party scout. So is the rogue, but with this potent combo the ranger can get it done better and faster. With Jump the ranger can reach areas others can’t, and with Camouflage he can explore it without being seen while Wild Instincts will ensure he sees everyone else.. Even if he is spotted he can use Longstrider to get out of dodge, and if he isn’t seen the spell will still help him reach his allies much quicker than the rogue.

For the Paladin:
Heaven’s Wrath
Spells Involved: Virtue, Angelskin, Stalward Pact, Zeal

A palading utilizing the above combo is a force to be reckoned with. Demons and devils had especially beware. He has Damage Reduction 5 which can only be overcome by magic weapons which are also evil, and his hit point total has both been increased and bolstered by temporary hit points. Finally he has a 10% chance to double strike enemies. Combine this combo with liberal use of Divine Power and Bull’s Strength or an item which gives a bonus to strength and your paladin will be even more lethal.

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