Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Neverwinter: Notes on the Rogue Class

Since the fighter in Heroes of Neverwinter is still incapable of holding aggro the rogue is my go to guy for controlling the aggro of my opponents.
Why the Rogue?
Because the rogue has moves that limit or outright deny the opponent actions. Attacks like Stunning Blow (which all rogues receive and which remains one of the best moves for them throughout the game) and Walking Wounded keep the enemy from advancing on my party or acting, which is very useful.

Below is my Rogue Defender Build, which should suffice to help you conquer enemies until your fighter learns how to aggro:

Starting Class: Obviously Rogue
Starting Race: Eladrin or Halfling for the +2 to Dex...preferably Eladrin for fey step, which will become all too helpful for this build.
Starting Abilities: You'll want as high a Dex as possible, pump it straight up to 20. As for the rest, meh, not as important to what you need to do here.
Powers: Make sure you up Dash, Dazing Strike, Walking Wounded, Battle Focus, and Knockout.
Equipment: Items which give you bonuses to attack rolls or speed should be equipped or stocked up on to ensure you can reach your enemy and deliver status effects.

The following tactics are what makes this build so useful.

Battle Focus+Stunning Blow
Use this combo when you really need to make sure someone doesn't take turns anymore. I use this move to incapacitate leaders and artillery before they have a chance to attack me. Controllers are also a good target, but usually their AC is so low that you can go without the +5 to attack from Battle Focus.

Walking Wounded/Dazing Strike+Fey Step/Dash
Got an enemy melee combatant, run up to the bastard and slam him with Walking Wounded or Dazing Strike. Once he is dazed you simply use your teleport powers to move back a space and he won't be able to reach you again. If you do this right you can keep your entire party safe by rushing melee soldiers and brutes before they have a chance to engage your party.

No combo here, just the move Knockout. A powerful attack which slows your opponent. If you want you can combine it with Dash or Fey Step like the above moves, alternatively you can just use it on any idiot foolish enough to engage you in melee. Hit them with it at the start of your turn and just walk away.

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