Friday, December 2, 2011

Cannith Crafting Planner

My haggle bard Ahshoka happens to be the Cannith Crafter for my guild, until recently this meant very little as I just wasn't good enough at crafting to create the unbound shards required for useful items. However, that has recently changed.

What has not changed though is how much planning has to go into making an item. You've got to acquire the essences, build the shards, pray to the lords that be that the item slot you want to use can accept the shard.

It's a hassle to be sure.

So I looked around for program to help me, and my guildmates with the process.

I found quite a few actually, but they all used excel and I'm afraid I don't have excel. I would have used them via Google Docs but...well, they didn't work with that program.

But I did find one I liked and I'm posting it here so that my guildmates, and of course you fine readers, can enjoy it.

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  1. you're welcome for all those essences ;P since I know your brother was being lame and selling all of his