Monday, September 19, 2011

Why you Should Go Premium...or V.I.P.

You'd think since I just gave you a whole slew of ways to not have to spend money on DDO in the last post that you shouldn't spend money on DDO. Well, that couldn't be further from the truth. Here are a few of the reasons you should.

1) Help Send a Programmer To Lunch

Now I'm not saying that DDO is on the verge of going bankrupt or anything. In fact, I'm sure it is bringing in quite a bit of cash, but it isn't WoW, and Turbine isn't Activision. The money needed for all those servers, the constant upgrades to the game, and the license itself is probably a costly endeavor. So if you can spare ten bucks, throw it their way, consider it the cost of "buying" the game.

But, you probably didn't come here for the altruistic reasons did you?

2) Character Slots

If there is one thing I've learned about people who play D&D which applies equally well to DDO players it is that one never runs out of ideas for new characters. With such a robust and intricate character creation and leveling system there are multitudes of multitudes of character concepts and executions to be created. BUT, as a free 2 play user you only get two slots. That may be fine at first, but trust me, once you get to the mid level range the leveling grind is going to start getting to you and you'll want to spend some time in a different adventurer's shoes. Now, you can go to the Turbine store and purchase a new character slot (if you've been following your Commandements and have saved enough points) but those things are expensive. However, if you buy a point package from the DDO store you'll automatically earn 2 new character slots.

3) The After School Rush

Those of you old enough to remember dial in hell you evil thing...might remember how at about 4-5pm the thing was downright useless because of all the users who had just logged on. Well, servers act the same way, and to make sure that everyone has a chance to play the game Turbine makes you take a number and wait your turn. However, the world isn't created equal and if you happen to be a premium member (by having spent money on DDO) then you'll automatically be higher up on the list than if you had a free account. This doesn't come up often, because the servers are pretty darn big. But trust me, when there is a live event or, heck, even when they do an experience/loot boost weekend, you'll be happy for it.

4) Going Once, Going Twice, Sold to the Orc in the Grimy Businesswear.

One of the great utilities for players to trade items amongst themselves is the Auction House. Here a player can post an item they don't want up for sale, set the price, and add a buyout price as well (or not, to each their own). Buyers can search the items by item type, such as martial weapon, or necklace. Or, if you are looking for a unique item or item property, one can simply enter it into the search bar. When  you're settled, you buy the item and it is delivered to your mailbox.

But, as a free player the selling aspect of the Auction House isn't really that great. You see, as a free account player you can only list one item at a time. I'm sure you see where this is a premium player however, you can make up to fifty listings. So if you're really tired of carrying all that heavy loot, why not find someone to take it off your hands?

5) The Bathroom Break

You've been gaming for awhile, you're ten minutes into this quest and you've been downing energy drinks all night when suddenly, your bladder informs you it is time to go to the restroom. You apologize to your mates, or if you are playing alone to your hireling (although honestly who cares what Maloren thinks, that guys a jerk), and go off to the bathroom. You take your time washing your hands because you don't want to be unsanitary and you decide now is as good at a time as any to go to the fridge and get another drink. You settle down at your computer to...your desktop. You were away from keyboard for ten minutes, and were subsequently kicked off the the middle of a quest.

As a premium player however you would have had twenty minutes, which is more than enough time to snag that soda and go to the bathroom, hell, to make yourself a sandwich as well.

6) There Are No Gold Skulltulas

When Link needs a bigger wallet he either searches the world for a crapload of gold skulltulas or saves up his rupees for a larger he can store more rupees...the man has a problem. Regardless, your free to play player doesn't have that option and is limited in the amount his character can have. If you are premium or VIP this limit is restricted. At first this restriction doesn't seem like such a big deal, the gold to level ratio tends to take care of most of your needs, but where it becomes really restrictive is when you look into the area of trading and the auction house. Some items, like the Small Eberron Shard (which in my opinion you should keep, but more on that in another post) can sell for quite a bit of coin...usually too much coin for you to even withdraw from your mailbox after making a sale.

So avoid all the fuss, and just go premium. One payment is all it takes.

So, those are a few reasons to go premium in DDO. Of course, there are more. What are your reasons, and what do you think of mine?


  1. Maloren is a dick. Well written. For those of us who understood your references, it was quite an amusing read.

  2. @Casey: I'm glad you liked it. As you may have noticed I have an almost obsessive hatred of Maloren.